Hi, I’m a
Web Designer and CMS Developer

Web design and development to me are more than a job; they are the essence of my being a professional who is gifted with their masterpieces of digital art. I am thrilled each time I translate abstract ideas into reality and create websites that not only work but also make a positive impact

Welcome to My Creative Hub

Crafting digital tales with a smile – where web design meets joy, and every click dances to a delightful melody.


Hey there! I’m Anil Kumar, a cheerful Web Designer and CMS Developer, where web design and development aren’t just a job, but a delightful journey. I find immense joy in bringing ideas to life, creating websites that not only work smoothly but also bring a smile to your face.

In my adventure as a web designer and CMS developer for more than six years, I’ve fine-tuned my skills and gathered tons of experiences. My journey started at Web App Knowledge LLP, where I jumped into various projects involving HTML, CSS, and WordPress. These early design adventures set the stage for continuous growth and shaped my career path.

My Skills

My bag of skills covers a bunch of tools and technologies, kind of like a designer’s toolbox


It’s like the canvas where creativity happens, with themes and plugins adding the colors.


Crafting online stores that flow smoothly, making transactions as easy as pie.


Think of it like a dance floor where ideas come alive in a fun and collaborative way.


Building the backstage support for a website’s smooth performance.


Building the backstage support for a website’s smooth performance.


The dynamic duo of structure and style, creating visually appealing websites.


The dynamic duo of structure and style, creating visually appealing websites.


Adding a bit of magic for interactive and engaging web elements.

Work Experience

Nov 2018 – Present

Senior Frontend Developer & CMS Developer

Creative Peppers, Inc.
At Creative Peppers Inc., I’ve grown into a Senior Web Designer & CMS Developer, handling over 200 projects. From turning design ideas into WordPress reality to creating websites, each project has been a showcase of expertise, a symphony of code, and a design melody.

Skills: PSD to WordPress · Web Development · Web Design · MySQL · WordPress Development · PHP · HTML5 · WordPress · PSD to HTML · WordPress Design · Adobe Photoshop · Adobe Illustrator · Theme Development · Project Management · Figma · WordPress recovery · Recover Hacked WordPress

Nov 2018 – Present
May 2017 – Oct 2018

Senior Web Designer

WebApp Knowledge LLP
During my time at WebApp Knowledge LLP, I completed over 80 projects, focusing on making eCommerce websites and custom themes. My work wasn’t just about making things look good; it was about making sure they worked smoothly, combining aesthetics and reliability.

Skills: PSD to WordPress · Web Development · Web Design · WordPress Development · People Management · PSD to HTML · Adobe Photoshop · Project Management · WordPress

May 2017 – Oct 2018
Apr 2013 – May 2017

Web Designer and Front End Developer

Starting my journey, I waltzed through diverse projects, refining my skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, and WordPress. Overcoming challenges and creating websites that not only looked good but worked flawlessly was the real dance of my early career. These hands-on experiences not only broadened my technical skills but also deepened my understanding of web development intricacies. Navigating challenges in crafting visually compelling and functionally robust websites sharpened my problem-solving abilities.

Apr 2013 – May 2017
Jan 2013 – Apr 2013

Web Designer Training

My journey began with learning the ropes of Web Design at CBitss. The course covered essential topics like HTML, CSS, and Photoshop, giving me a solid foundation – the basic steps in a designer’s journey.

Jan 2013 – Apr 2013


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