Step 1

Download WordPress from

Step 2

Extract files where you want to install WordPress like:

Here wordpress is a folder inside the htdocs folder.

  • On Server –

Here your WordPress is installing in root folder on server.

  • On Server sub domain  –

Here blog is a folder inside your root folder on server.

Step 3

Create database on your localhost (phpmyadmin) or on server where you extract your folder.

On localhost there is default user is root and password is blank.

On Server you need to create a User. View all instruction for creating database on cpanel.

After creating database and user, copy all details on notepad like database name, user name, user password and server URL.

Step 5

Open your domain on browser

  • On localhost – http://localhost/wordpress
  • On Server –
  • On Server sub domain  –

and follow the instructions:

Step 5.1

Select language:

Step 5.2

Prepare all details we need to install WordPress as mention in screenshot:

Step 5.3

Enter all details which ask, on local your Host is localhost and on server your host may be different or may be localhost:

Step 5.4

Enter all details which ask, please enter valid Email so that if you forgot your password you can reset using email:

That’s all now your WordPress is install and running you can login and start customization.