Installing Multiple WordPress blogs on Single Database

Hi Friends, Multiple WordPress Installation into a single database. is it possible and how difficult is it?

This question is arrives when we think about installing multiple WordPress but our server(Host) has a limit of the MYSQL Database. The simple answer to this question is “Multiple WordPress Installation into a single database is possible and it’s not so difficult.”

For installing multiple WordPress on a single MYSQL Database we need to install WordPress manually not using one-click programs they would not let you choose the prefix.

Please read here for manually installing WordPress if you don’t know if you already know it’s good. When we follow WordPress installation steps WordPress will for database pieces of information like in the below image.

WordPress Table Prefix

We need to enter all the details related to the database here only thing we need to change is Table Prefix. By default, the WordPress table prefix is (wp_). We can change it according to our requirements like below.

  1. For the Main website (
    We can use table prefix (main_)

  2. For Subdirectory blog (
    We can use table prefix (blog_)

  3. For Subdomain blog (
    We can use table prefix (blog2_) or anything that differentiates our table columns.

By using Table Prefix we can install as many WordPress we want on a single MYSQL Database.

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